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Lead Generation is the “Holy Grail” of business growth. If you can secure a solid system that gives you a predictable and consistent flow of qualified leads actively in need of your product or service, then as long as your sales process is sound, you should be on the right path.

There are essentially 3 methods to achieving inbound traffic and generating leads:

Find Leads

The process of finding leads has been around since the beginning of the internet. Keywords… Search Engine Optimization… Social Media Marketing… all the digital marketing tactics we know and love have been used for decades to help businesses get in front of their target prospects in hopes that they click or view and become interested in learning more about the company.

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Buy Leads

Online advertising is a sure-fire way to tap into targeted, instant traffic exactly when you need it. For sure, paid advertising has its role in ramping up and scaling your business. But if/when you are jumping in to paid traffic, make sure you’ve systemized your company’s steps to the sale, otherwise a big portion of your spend could be for not. So even though the need for fresh prospects may be high, making sure you’ve mastered your sales process should always be the first priority.

Make Leads

The best type of lead are those who have either already been introduced to your brand, and those who are referred to your company. A bonus of these types of leads is that they actually cost the least and are the easiest to sell, compared to the other types of lead gen. Learn about a proven way to tap into your existing customer base to create fresh leads and sales out of thin air.

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Smith Sees 105% Monthly Revenue Increase In 1 Year.

By identifying ineffective processes, systemizing internal teams, and using scorecards to track and monitor the biggest levers, Smith HVAC was able to achieve amazing revenue growth in just one year.

Conversion Rate On Leads 54%
Call Booking 68%
Increase In Monthly Revenue 100%

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