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Hiring Scorecards: Make An Informed Decision

How do you know if your next Marketing Manager “knows his stuff” or it just feeding you a bunch of mumbo-jumbo so they can land the job? Our Marketing Scorecards help you objectively score your applicants and agencies to find out their proficiency level before you hire them.

Protect Your IP With Protective Clauses

Many small and medium businesses are getting burned because the standard Marketing contracts are missing generally over a dozen provisions and clauses that protect their company from the damages of IP theft. Our simple Provision Wizards create customized provisions for you to share with your attorney to add to your Marketing agreements.

Marketing Audit Checklists

Verify your Marketers have implemented your campaigns to Industry Standards and are following Best Practices so you can get the greatest results for your Marketing spend. Our checklists are designed for you to send out to your vendor and for them to complete and return to you. Our system automatically scores their submission and let’s you know if they’re compliant or not, and have set up your campaigns properly.

Protect Your Company From

Shady MarketersIntellectual Property TheftIneffective MarketingWasted Ad SpendShyster Marketers

You never think it’s going to happen to you… until it does. Mike always did business with a gentleman’s handshake. Boy did he get blindsided. And if you’re not aware of what is (and is not) in your vendor contracts, you could potentially be at risk for thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – in loss and legal fees.

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Watchdog Business Tools

Software that scores and monitors your marketing vendors to ensure they are bringing you the results they promised.

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