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Avoid the “shiny object” syndrome by letting us help you determine where your marketing strengths and weaknesses lie. Only then can you focus on the best systems and tactics that will bring in the most qualified leads in your target market.

Marketing is much more than advertising campaigns, social media, and SEO.

Chances are, you found this page through a myriad of pages and link clicks as you searched for help on bringing in more qualified leads to your business.

You’re not alone. But there are so many channels… how do you know which one you should invest in to bring your company the highest ROI?

Marketing Technology Landscape

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The 8 Critical Core Marketing Disciplines:

On top of all that, you’re constantly being told that digital marketing and marketing online is continually evolving.

The influencers and gurus out there are quick to announce a new marketing tactic that will make the rest obsolete… and then next week throw it to the side in favor of some  new and shiny tactic.

But here at Premium Service Experts, we’re all about the core marketing systems because they will continue to be the foundation of your business growth for years to come.

  • Content Marketing

  • Paid Traffic

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Marketing (SEO)

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Testing & CRO

  • Conversion Funnel Optimization

Step 1: Focus On Customer Value When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

So often the entire Marketing Strategy is built off of the business’ end goal – making sales, instead of their customers’ end goal – solving their problem.

When you develop your strategies around building the greatest value for your customers, you’d be surprised at how differently your tactics take shape.

When you build a customer journey with the end goal of maximizing their value in your company as their long-term product or service provider, you end up with higher customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals. This dramatic increase in CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the true driver of long term business growth.

Step 2: Craft Your Advertising To Leverage Traffic And Social Media

Advertising without a solid plan – that includes your input – is the fastest way to burn through a budget. If you want to truly increase your traffic so you can build long-term customers, then you’ll need to leverage Social Media Marketing in tandem with your advertising campaigns.

One of the best strategies we teach our clients is to drive targeted traffic to targeted pages, then employ retargeting campaigns throughout the Google and social media platforms.

By focusing on educating your middle-of-funnel visitors (those who have clicked on an ad or landed on any of your content pages/posts), you are again building value for your customer which is what drives long-term CLV.

Step 2

Step 3: Activate Email And Search Marketing Strategies

Email and SEO strategies are your “long-haul” players that will continually bring you a steady stream of qualified leads as long as you leverage tools and automation when you set them up.

No matter what you’ve heard or read, Email Marketing has been and will continue to be a solid tool that will help you grow your client base long-term. It can shoulder the work in building your brand, educating your prospects, exciting your leads, and nurture your client relationship. Leverage this powerhouse to guide your prospects through all your steps to the sale.

And for local businesses, it’s absolutely critical to leverage local SEO and your Google My Business property so you can capitalize on the thousands of local prospects actively searching for your products and services.

Step 4: Massive Growth Means Testing & Optimizing

Actively engaging the above marketing strategies without monitoring analytics is akin to driving on a winding country road at night with your headlights off. Visibility is absolutely critical and you can only achieve it by following a thorough tracking and testing strategy.

Fortunately analytics programs are easy to come by and give incredible insights into your target market and the success (or failure) of your marketing message. It will be through this data that you and your team can continually tweak and improve your overall success.

We can show you how you can implement a very simple framework you can use to guide you through your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) processes and how you can cascade that knowledge throughout your entire company culture.

Where Are You In Your Business Growth Journey?

Few businesses can say with certainty that they have all their systems documented, all their metrics are being tracked and monitored, and they’re using tools and tactics that support business growth. Learn how you can overcome symptoms of the under-utilized Growth Triad by taking advantage of our FREE, no-obligation, 90-Minute Double Your Sales training. Get your growth back on the right path. Learn how today.


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