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Everyone tells you to do this or do that, but how can they prescribe a solution without a business diagnosis?

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We take a 3-step approach with our foundational tools to help you grow your business:

The Build Phase

You need to know where you are before you can get where you’re going. The Build Phase focuses on your current sales processes, each step your prospects take as they make their way to the sale, and the value you bring your customers. You are introduced to scorecards and tools that will help you track performance, give you valuable insights, and help process bottlenecks so you can clear the obstacles for the next phase.

The Optimize Phase

We walk through the sales process from your new client’s perspective, focusing on the value they bring you from the first time they’re introduced to your company all the way through how they become a repeat customer. You’re also introduced to some new tools that help make the final steps in your sales process more lasting and impactful, as well as help you begin to scale your growth by identifying low-hanging fruit sales opportunities.

The Accelerate Phase

Armed with advanced tools, we focus in on your company’s goals and develop a plan to track metrics, milestones, and KPIs and show you how to follow your projects from beginning to end and compare target metrics to actual metrics achieved. This amazing process teaches you and your team how to plan, execute, and learn from each internal project you perform. This opens your business up to a pathway to achieve longevity and growth.


What Our Clients Have Said

“An amazing journey.”

Knuckling down and going through the entire 90-day process was an amazing process indeed. The results I thought we would achieve paled in comparison with the knowledge and understanding we received. It’s amazing how both having and using scorecards, comparison grids, and focused goal fundamentally changes the way you execute everything in your business. Your strategy has truly given us huge clarity in how to identify problem areas and low-hanging opportunities. These two processes alone have completely changed the way we do business. It’s been an amazing journey. Thank you.

Samuel Brown, Lung Center

“… a complete ‘re-tooling’…”

The steps you go through from the first to the last day in the program are radical in their simplicity. Not to say that what we learned was earth-shaking… but it truly has made our entire team completely change the way we look at every aspect of our business. I think the best analogy I can give is that it was a complete “re-tooling” of the way we plan, execute, and analyze every marketing campaign we run. Armed with what we know now, there’s no way our competition will be able to touch us as we attack our local market. I can’t tell you how excited we are to have learned about this. Thank you, team!

Elizabeth Matz, The Mailbox Plus

“I’m blown away!”

Recently, I attended our third session with JR and his team, and I have so much appreciation for all of the systems education we have gotten so far. I feel we’ve come a long way in improving our procedures and execution. I’m so thankful! I feel we’re getting so much more than we expected in regard to what we paid. I’m blown away! I feel like our journey with Premium Service Experts has just begun!

Eileen Burley, MicroIUs

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Where Are You In Your Business Growth Journey?

Few businesses can say with certainty that they have all their systems documented, all their metrics are being tracked and monitored, and they’re using tools and tactics that support business growth. Learn how you can overcome symptoms of the under-utilized Growth Triad by taking advantage of our FREE, no-obligation, 90-Minute Double Your Sales training. Get your growth back on the right path. Learn how today.

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